VHS Mate is a labour of love: an archival system and virtual curation of my personal video collection aiming to celebrate the spirit of the video-rental culture.

The site focuses on Australian video releases (both ex rental and home video) featuring the video artwork slick, a critique of the feature and a textual recording of the content on each tape.

The video slicks are all scans of my own collection.

In the spirit of retrowave and in line with the emerging video glitch art subculture, each slick and tape is unique with its own wear marks, tears marks, stickers and general colour fades.

I strongly believe the VHS is a work of art; a physical artefact and video record of a bygone era that continues to resonate with many people and unite many video fans around the world.

The video is a product of physicality, one that needs to be preserved as we move further into the digital era.

I hope the archived content of my video collection give you as much joy as they give me.